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Chances are you have either given or been given a regift. In fact, whether you are a fan or foe, regifting has become a phenomenon.

Since the folks at Money Management International are givers, we wanted to share some of our thoughts about holiday gifting.In addition to gifting, we’ll cover a variety of ways consumers can keep their budgets (and sanity!) in tact. We also invite you to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas about holiday spending.

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Calling all regifters! It?s your time to shine!
Posted by Kim McGrigg on 10/31/2007
I have so much to tell you, but before I get distracted, I think we should get a few housekeeping things out of the way.

First, I am pleased to announce that the 2007 regifting story contest is underway! Once again, we are offering you the chance to submit your ultimate regifting story for a chance to win a (brand new) gift!

Second, before you get preoccupied with winning the 2007 contest, you should read some of the 700+ plus regifting stories shared last year. They range from horrifying to hilarious and are worth every second of your time.

Third, the answer is ?yes.? Regifting Robin can read your mind and I will never, ever share her secret!

Fourth, as if last year?s site wasn?t cool enough, we added some amazing features I don?t want you to miss. Obviously, there?s the blog. In addition, we?ve improved our customizable gift certificates and now offer a free eCard! You can also choose to set the regifting mood through music.

Fifth, I invite you to learn more about Money Management International, the nonprofit educational organization that created this site.

Finally, we have a lot of holiday-related stuff to cover through this blog. Click on one of the syndication options to assure that you don?t miss a thing.
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